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Save up to 98% of your time! Import statements from PayPal, GoPay, Ceska sporitelna, Raiffeisenbank into your accounting software.

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The benefits of importing PayPal, GoPay, Raiffeisenbank and Ceska sporitelna statements into accounting software.

Why to automaticaly import transactions instead of manual entering data into accounting software?

Saves time

You can manage all in just three easy steps. In 2 minutes you can Import statements into your accounting software. You will save 98% of time that you needed for manual entering of the transactions into the accounting software.

Improves quality

Automated processing protects the accounting from mistakes caused by manual data entry. Moreover we support payment matching which was lengthy till now. Including eBay!

Accounting standard

We create the statements in the international formats ABO, GPC, CSV format supported by most accounting software and in the international format SEPA XML, which is future standard of the EU.

Low price

No monthly fees. No commitments. You pay only for the transactions in statement. Price for the transaction starts at 0,00585 €. Thanks to bonuses you can save another 50%. From now time is on your side.

How much do I save?

For 100 received payments you can save up to 22.36 €!

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How it works?

Watch short video and you can start immediately.

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Download the original statement

  1. Recommended internet browsers: Safari, Chrome.
  2. Log in to your PayPal account on and follow these steps - see picture:
    1. Choose "Activity" in main menu.
    2. Click on "Download".
    3. Set first and last day of the month. WARNING! Do not download data sooner than one week after the end of the month, as the PayPal is changing the transaction details after the month is closed!
    4. Choose the statement format: "Comma Delimited - All Activity" - means .CSV format.
    5. Download the original statement by clicking on "Download History".
  3. You downloaded original statement. In the next step You will transform it, so You will be able to import it to your accounting software.
    Please continue by clicking on "Process transformation".
how to download original statement from PayPal

Credit packages

Choose from our favorable packages with discount.

1,000 Transactions

Basic package suitable especially for testing the service if you prefer the minimal payment.

  • Low price
  • 0,00709 € for transaction
  • Price for the package: 7,80€
Wire transfer PayPal platba*

* processing fee 5%

5,000 Transactions

The package intended for subjects with lower volume of transactions on the PayPal / Raiffeisenbank accounts / Ceska Sporitelna Bank.

  • 9% for free
  • 0,00665 € for transaction
  • Price for the package: 36,60 €
Wire transfer PayPal platba*

* processing fee 5%

20,000 Transactions

The package intended especially for eshops with bigger volume of transactions.

  • 14% for free
  • 0,00628 € for transaction
  • Price for the package: 138,17 €
Wire transfer PayPal platba*

* processing fee 5%

100,000 Transactions

The package intended for those who like to make use of maximum discount and for run-eshops.

  • 20% for free
  • 0,00585 € for transaction
  • Price for the package: 643,13 €
Wire transfer PayPal platba*

* processing fee 5%

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